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  • Tzvi Tal - Thesis submitted in 1997. "History, Politics and Aesthetics in the Films of Fernando Solanas: Cinematic Representation of Changes in Argentina's National Left Discourse, 1968-1992"

  • Inbal Ofer - Thesis submitted in 2002. "A "New Woman" for a "New Spain" -The Feminine Section of the Spanish Falange and the Construction of a New Feminine Identity"

  • Tamar Groves - Thesis submitted in 2002. "The Teacher as an Agent of Alternative Culture: The "Teachers' Movement" during the Transition to Democracy in Spain (Salamanca, 1970-1979)"

  • Federico Gomez - Thesis submitted in 2005. "Music, Noise, Protest, Silence: Rock and Politics in Argentina, 1976-1983"

  • Atalia Shragai - Thesis submitted in 2006. "The Banana Men: the Creation of a Colonial Culture, The United Fruit Company in Central America, 1900-1960"

  • Daniel Kressel - Thesis submitted in 2009. "'We Were All Guilty, Nobody is to Blame': Strategies for the re-coding of the Spanish Civil War Memory during the Transition to Democracy in Spain"

  • Pinchas Lam - Thesis submitted in 2012. "Conflicting Identities: Germans in Brazil During the Third Reich"

  • Aaron Garcia - Thesis submitted in 2014. "Promoting Interests, Reducing Violence: the United Nations and the Question of Palestine 1947"

  • Julián Blejmar - Thesis submitted in FLACSO (Buenos Aires) 2016. "Formación, apogeo, y desmembramiento de la Confederación General Económica (CGE) 1947 - 1976"

  • Omri Elmaleh - Thesis submitted in 2016. "From The Baqa'a Valley to Ciudad del Este: The Lebanese Community in the Tri-Border Zone"

  • Maayan Pasamanik - Thesis submitted in 2017. "Domestic Servants in Buenos Aires during the 1950's - 1960's"

  • Lelya Stadler – Thesis submitted in 2020. “In Search of Wandering Husbands: Transatlantic Migration, Desertion and Divorce Between Poland and Argentina, 1918-1939”

  • Bernardo Vidne - Thesis submitted in 2020. "Ethnic Demands and Foreign Policy Considerations in Argentina: Carlos Menem and the Construction of the King Fahd Mosque in Buenos Aires"

  • Igal Aisenberg –thesis submitted in 2022. “The Contribution of Jewish Immigrants-Entrepreneurs to the Development of the Textile, Machinery and Metal Industries in Argentina, 1930-1945”.

  • Sheri Shamaev Hernan - Research proposal approved in 2018. "Missed Opportunities? Jewish Organizations and the Potential of Using Spain to Save Jews during the Holocaust"

  • (with Claudia Kedar), Shai Efrat - Thesis submitted in 2023.“Flamenco and Politics in Franco Spain”


  • Idit Gil - Dissertation submitted in 1998. "Nationalism and Social Justice in the Argentinian Intellectual Left: Sources for Peronist Ideology (1894-1947)?"

  • Tzvi Tal - Dissertation submitted in 2002. "Cinema, Cultural Dependence and Political Protest: The Struggle for National Identity Formation in Argentina and Brazil"

  • Efraim Davidi - Dissertation submitted in 2006. "Peronists and Revolutionaries: The Struggle for Hegemony and Generational Shifts in the Argentinian Labour Movement, 1966-1976"

  • Inbal Ofer - Dissertation submitted in 2007. "The Making of a Female Political Elite in Franco's Spain: The National Leadership of the Sección Femenina de la FET (1936-1977) "

  • Silvina Gesser - Dissertation submitted in 2007. "Between Essentialism and Modernity: Aesthetics, Identities and Politics in Madrid's Cultural Scene, 1923-1936"

  • David Horowitz - Dissertation submitted in 2006. "The Jewish Community and Aliyah From Argentina 1962-1973"

  • Claudia Kedar - Dissertation submitted in 2008. "The Routinization of Dependency: Argentina and the International Monetary Fund, 1944-1977"

  • Tamar Groves - Dissertation submitted in 2010. "The Successes of Failure: The Teachers' Movement during the Spanish Transition to Democracy"

  • Aviv Cohen - Dissertation submitted in 2011. "Fire in the Backyard: The US and the American Press Facing the Revolutionary Ferment in the Caribbean Basin during the Cold War Years"

  • Gaby Yunes - Dissertation submitted in 2011. "Hibridization, Identity and Historic Narrative in Argentinean Telenovelas from the 1990s to 2006"

  • Martina Libertad Weisz - Dissertation submitted in 2013. “'Reunion' Five Hundred Years After: Jews, Muslims and Latin Americans in Today’s Spain"

  • Atalia Shragai - Dissertation submitted in 2013. "'Over the Rainbow': Migration, Lives and Identifications among U.S. Citizens at Costa Rica, 1945-1980"

  • Guy Setton - Dissertation submitted in 2014. "Ghosts of the Past and the Contemporary Challenges of the Middle East: Spanish -Israeli Relations, 1956 -1992"

  • Yonit Rucki-Menashe - Dissertation submitted in 2016. "Football and Political Participation: Football Clubs in Seville and Barcelona during the Franco Regime and the Transition to Democracy"

  • Enrique Martínez Ruiz - Dissertation submitted in 2018. "Urban Growth, Real Estate and Jewish Immigrants: Leo Siegfried Kopp's Real Estate Investments as a Strategy of Social Integration to Bogota, Colombia, 1889-1933".

  • Ariel Noyjovich - Dissertation submitted in 2016. "Viva Berón!: Political Integration of Argentine-Arabs through the Peronist Movement, 1945-1976"

  • Mariusz Kalczewiak - Dissertation submitted in 2017. "Travelling, Reporting, Remembering. Poland, Argentina and the Bridges between Jewish Worlds, 1916-1960s"

  • Pablo Bornstien - Dissertation submitted in 2019. "Reclaiming al-Andalus: Orientalist Scholarship and National Historiography in Spain (1875-1919)"

  • Adrian Krupnik - Dissertation submitted in 2019. "Between Two Homelands: Jewish-Argentine Return Migration from Israel, 1948-2006"

  • Gustavo Guzmán Castro – Dissertation submitted in 2021. "From Acceptable Undesirables to Respected Businessmen: Changes and Continuities in Chilean Right-Wing Attitudes toward Jews"

  • Omri Elmaleh - Dissertation submitted in 2021. "From The Middle East to Ciudad del Este: The Lebanese Community in the Tri-Border Zone".

  • Hagai Rubinstein - Dissertation submitted in 2021. "Nakba, Naksa and Intifada: Diaspora, Transnationalism and the shaping of the Palestinian-Chilean Identity, 1948-2005"

  • Hernan Dobry - Research proposal submitted in 2018. "Bejamín Rattenbach and the Struggle for a Professional Army in Argentina"

  • Dror Sharon - Research proposal approved in 2022 - “Niños and kinder, between the Temporary and the Permanent: Refugge Children in Britain, 1937-1950”

  • Pablo Mendez Shiff - “The Origins of the Global Presence of Argentine TV Industry”

  • Hezy Asher - "Football and National Identity Formation: The Cases of Austria and Holland Vs. Germany"

  • Igal Aisenberg – “Otherness and Industrial Entrepreneurship:  Jewish Immigrants, Nationalism, ISI and Finance Sourcing in Argentina, 1930-1960s”


  • Dr. Hillel Eyal, UCLA (2006)

  • Dr. Amalia Ran, University of Maryland (2007-2008)

  • Dr. Phil C.W. Chan, National University of Singapore (2014)

  • Dr. Aya Udagawa, University of Tokyo (2018-2019)


  • Jacob Hutt ,"From Havana to the Holy Land: The peculiar tale of Cuban migration to Israel" (2013-2014)

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